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Letter to Family -Sergeant Alvin Cobb

Dear Beloved Family,

As you already know, I have been training my regment into eleete killing machines. I bet Gnrl Washington would approve of our combat; if he wasn't dead of course. I don't mind the weather much becuz I damn well know that the war won't be a meesly ninety days, though I cannot say I wish it was not that short. I hope y'all are doing well with good food and blessed days. It is for sure that I prefer my wife's cooking to what the army calls biscuts. I will write you in a few days.

Love, Alvin Cobb
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April 15 1865 Dear familie I have gotten news that our president had gotten assasinated. He was at a play in fords theture watching “our American cousin” he had been assasinayed by a Johnny, but though this is bad news for the union but it is good news for me because now I can come home to y’all as a celebration of being and serving in this war.

Sincerely Melvin Thomas

Sergeant Alvin Cobb

Dear Family,

The war has finally ended. We won. I am so happy that I finally get to go back home and eat some good food and have some actual sleep. The scent of blood is stuck in my nose forever, I fear. I am so excited to see y'all and still pray for your well being as I am going home. I love y'all.

Sincerely, Alvin Cobb
1864 BDear family I had heard that we were winning the war and i am hoping that the war is coming to and end and after all this i have had different types of views of different things. But with this i am hoping to come home soon. Cant wait to see yall!
Sincerely Melvin

1864 blog post

Deer Mary an Matthew,  We has marched down an about under the leed of sherman. We burned so mani houses and we felt powerful but felt bad for all the wives with them husbands in the war. We destoryed everthing an any thang in sight. I felt bad but it was the only way to flush the rebel scum out. Home soon.
Lov, Isaac jefferson
Dear Mary,

How are you and our child? im tired but i hearing that we are winning the war... i hope that means the war is ending soon. I wish that the south never rebeled. its funny that i was excited at the beginning of this little did i know it wasnt going to be as easy as i thought. Hows Pa? I hope he's doin wel.

Love, John Blackburn

Sergeant Alvin Cobb- Letter #5

Dear Ma and Pa,

I wood rather be at home rite now. I am exhausted and haven't gotten a good night's sleep since they day I got here. I have been grazed by a bullet, but it is nothing serious. We are winning the war now, is what our generals are saying. I sure do hope we are becuz I want to go home. Guess we can only hope.

Love, Alvin Cobb
July 1 1863 Dear Family

Once again i right to yall and i am proud to say that we won another battle again and right now we are celebrating with are win and we had crapped on them and the best part of it all is when they all ran off into the distance because of how afraid they were from us. With all this that is happening i am pretty sure your worried, but dont be because ill be home soon with enough money to last us a good while. Thank you!

Sincerly Melvin Thomas